John P.

Dear TheraJoy,

I want to let you know, just how amazing your product, TheraJoy Massage Oil & Salve, works for me.

I have been suffering with low back pain for several years due to bulging discs, along with stenosis of my spine. I also have a triple bucket handle tear of the cartilage in my left knee, which has lead to an arthritic condition; basically bone on bone. This isemely painful.

Therajoy works wonders and I use it daily. Within minutes of rubbing the CBD/coconut oil into my “bad knee/ sore muscles” I feel relief!! Literally, anytime I have any muscle pains, strains or cramps I reach for the TheraJoy and instantly feel my pain subsiding. For the record, it works better then any other product I have tried. And there have been many. The fact that you use 100% coconut oil is paramount to the salves success. The CBD is absorbed quickly for rapid relief. Just plain simple pain relief with no psychoactive properties.

The TheraJoy has worked so well for me that I’ve shared it with family and friends, even those skeptical of using a product like this. Everyone is amazed and thrilled with the results. Thank you so very much for putting your time, energy and love into developing such a fantastic product. As long as I have any sore muscles, aches or pains I will continue using Therajoy.